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Our Portland Computer Repair Team includes Romain, Kate, & Ripley.

Hey there, my name is Romain.

I own and operate Hyperion Computerworks here in the Garden Home neighborhood of Southwest Portland.

I’ve been working with computers since I was 6 years old, and have been the go-to IT person among family and friends since I was 10.

In every job I’ve ever held, I found myself filling the shoes of “IT Guy.” 

So, after nearly ten years teaching outdoor education and wilderness survival skills,
I decided to make this my full-time career in 2016.

Kate MacQuarrie, Hyperion Computerworks Owner

Hi! I’m Kate, it’s nice to meet you!

While Romain handles the majority of the repairs and workflow around here, I do all the nit-picky behind the scenes stuff. 

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll usually find me with my hands in a computer when you come into the shop, but if you’re here and you don’t see me, just holler and I’ll come out from hiding in the back office!

I’ve worked in a lot of different roles over the years, and I came to my love of computers a lot later than Romain.

I never would have expected to find myself as part owner of a computer shop, but I’m so glad to be here!

Ellen Ripley, Hyperion Security Detail

Ripley joined the team in July 2020 as our shop security detail / emotional support doggo.

She makes sure we’re Alien-Free and OSHA compliant.

Ripley operates best under a reward-based management style, and prefers to work independently rather than in a team-setting.

Her interests include collecting sticks, long hikes, staring longingly out the window, and of course her cat Jonesy. 

Our Core Values


We’re committed to running Hyperion with the smallest footprint possible.

Our shop runs on 100% renewable energy through PGE’s Green Partner program, and we contribute to local salmon habitat restoration efforts.

Any tech that can’t be repurposed or restored gets safely recycled through our local ecofriendly eWaste recycling partner.


We’re big believers in giving equal opportunities to anyone and everyone interested in working with us. 

We find value in life experience as much as in formal education, and we do not believe in discrimination for any reason. 

Anyone who walks in our door will be treated with respect regardless of age, gender identity, socio-economic status, race or immigration status. 


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