Available by appointment for a boutique repair experience. This allows us to provide clients with privacy and our undivided attention for the highest quality service. Call ahead to reserve our time – appointments are prioritized over walk-ins.

Computer Repair – Tigard, Beaverton, Portland

Are you debating whether to repair or replace your broken computer?

We can answer that.

We check under the hood and let you know your options.

Questions before you book?

Why choose us for your computer repairs?

Are you sick of waiting for your computer to catch up to you?
If your computer looks like it could be powered by Fred Flintstone’s feet, it’s time to bring you into the 21st Century!

We’ll not only get you set up with a new computer, but we’ll put all your stuff on it for a flawless old-to-new experience.
Did someone slick get into your bank account, or did you find some bad junk on your computer you didn’t put there?

We’ll tidy up your computer and sweep the dirt out from under the rugs, then we’ll set you up with extra protection so your computer stays safe and clean!

Get your computer fixed in 3 easy steps!


Free consultation

Come in for your computer in for a free consultation.

We operate by appointment in order to provide our full attention, privacy, and high quality service to clients.

After our evaluation, you’ll know exactly what your repair will cost and whether or not it’s worth it.


Stress-free Repair

Continue working using a free loaner computer.

We’ll call you when it’s ready!


Meet your new computer

Take a tour of your new computer so you know how to use it and learn a few new tricks along the way.

You walk away with some free tools to keep things in tip-top shape, and a labor warranty for 30 days!


Want to save on costly computer repairs?

Learn how to save money on computer repairs with our helpful guide!

our happy customers

Sasha D.

“My computer was completely unworkable and I was so worried I would have to get a new computer. They saved it, and upgraded it, and put new tools on it to make it the best laptop I have ever owned! I am SO HAPPY with my computer’s performance.”

Jennifer M.

“Before I retired I had continual access to an IT department for all of my computer needs so I was quite anxious with my retirement transitioning to, not only a new computer but one that I would have to set up myself. Hyperion not only retrieved all my files from a very dated hard drive but graciously guided me toward a much better system for saving my work.”

Richard M.

“For me, everything involving computers is frustration, stress, problem, and headache. The gang at Hyperion gets that I don’t get it. The best part is that I trust them. When I was ready to spend more money on a whole new PC they were able to take a very expensive ThinkStation I thought was a total loss and – I think the technical term is “fix it.”

Are you overwhelmed by computer problems?

Have you ever been working on a project with an impending deadline and *poof* your computer crashes and all your hard work is gone?

Whether you’re having us figure out why your computer crashed, or you decide to have us help you pick out and transfer your stuff to a new one, you’ll have us as your partner until the situation is resolved. Either way, at the end of your service, all your important photos, documents, and data – including your browser bookmarks, will be right where you want them.

When everything is spruced up and ready to go, we provide some light tutoring – we show you exactly what we did to solve your problem, and we’ll leave you with the tools you need to keep your system in perfect health. Our labor is warrantied for 30 days to ensure the issue stays fixed, and you can feel good knowing we’re here for you if the problem comes back.

Ready to be stress free?

Contact us to find out how easy it is to drop off your computer.

Providing computer repair services to Tigard, Beaverton and Portland, Oregon customers.

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