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Trust me, I’ve been there, and I feel for you.

Once upon a time, in the “before Hyperion” days, trying to find a reputable and knowledgeable computer repair shop (not to mention locally owner and operated!) near me was challenging!

I mean, you’re already in the unfortunate position of needing to repair your laptop or desktop computer, and now you have to figure out if the person you’re entrusting with one of your most valuable possessions is as skilled and capable as you need them to be.

Romain and I (the owners here at Hyperion,) have both been burned with bad experiences at computer repair shops back before we changed career paths, and unfortunately we’re not the only ones.

We’ve lost count of the number of customers who have come to us from a competitor or well-meaning friend, who had made an issue worse than it was to start with!

We absolutely hate when that happens, and we don’t want anyone to experience it

That’s why we wanted to give you some insider tips on what to look for, and what to avoid, when choosing a computer repair shop.

You Get What You Pay For

Anyone who advertises that they will price match or under-cut their competition as their main-selling point should be examined carefully. 

They might lower their initial rate to capture your business, but you might pay for it later on. We’ve seen folks who experienced the same (or a new) issue reappear after only a few weeks because their computer repair provider didn’t put in the time and dedication needed to thoroughly evaluate the system before implementing repairs. 

If they had, they could have detected and addressed any other potential issues before they could cause problems; but they didn’t so instead you’re back in the shop and since it’s a “new issue” it may not be covered by a labor warranty.

Take these very-low-cost services with a grain of salt, and consider the type of issue you’re dealing with.

Remote Support Technicians can only help you with software related issues, and if you take a software-approach to a hardware problem, you could make the situation a whole lot worse. 

For example, a lot of people mistake computer slowness for being something that can be resolved with a software based tune up.
In reality, if your computer has a mechanical disk drive in it, nine times out of ten the slowness is due to mild-to-severe mechanical failure, and running a software based tune up could ruin your chances for data recovery entirely.

We’ve had instances where recovery would have been possible if we’d gotten to it first, but due to the negligence of an online-based support service taking a software approach to a hardware problem. the data was irrecoverable.
(We have a rant about backups that you can read here, if you’re so inclined)

If the repair you need requires patience, knowledge, and attention to detail, as opposed to a quick and easy tune-up or re-installation of your software, you may want to hold off on that “bargain…” Even if it the first option in your “computer repair shop near me” search results!

Are They Professional?

Many people assume that their friend who “works with computers” is able to fix their problem for free.

In what capacity do they work with computers? 

Coding and web-development are very different from computer repair. 

Folks who work in Computer Science may be ready and able to help you with a software problem. However, that field of study is more focused on the underlying functions of computer operations, and frequently they aren’t familiar or comfortable with physical hardware repairs.

A lot of the clients we see at our shops work as “IT Professionals” in some capacity, but they know their limits and seek help when it comes to physical workstation repairs.

Way back when the internet was new, my dad regularly got panicked phone calls from friends who needed tech support. Dad is an artist, but because he worked in Photoshop, some people thought he knew all about the machines. 
For a while, he tried to help, and because he could read instructions, he was often able to, but sometimes had to tell the other person that they had to call a professional or go back to the shop where they bought it.

The reality is, even if your friend is a front-end power-user, they may not be qualified to fix your computer, and may not even realize that. They may, in their overconfidence, make things worse and cause a more-expensive repair.
They also may not want to be drafted as your freelance IT guy in the first place, especially if you offer to pay them in “nerd treats” — one guy actually offered my dad Hostess Ding-Dongs and Mountain Dew in exchange for fixing his PC, because “nerds love junk food, right?”

Don’t impose on your friends unless you are (a) sure they know what they are doing, and (b) really don’t mind doing it for you. Do ask them for a personal referral or if there is a preferred computer repair shop near me that they recommend.

Are They Truly Local?

I’m not going to name names, but I have found that more than one of the computer repair shops near me will advertise that they are local, when in reality they aren’t actually in my city, state, or even country at times!

Not only does choosing them not support the local economy, but it can cause some serious delays in completing a repair.

We’ve seen it happen that someone chooses a computer repair provider thinking that they are a real local business.
They drop off their laptop, and aren’t told that the repair is not happening in-house, but that instead the employee is packing it up and shipping it to another location for repair!

Now you’re waiting for your laptop to make the round-trip from China, or India, or somewhere across the country, in addition to the time it takes to actually fix the issue that you’re experiencing. And then if you call to check in and ask for a status update, you’re routed through to some poor clueless guy at a call center somewhere. Confused-Call-Center-Guy isn’t the one doing the work, and no, you’re not able to speak directly to the technician handling the repair.
Talk about unnecessary frustration!

Save yourself some time and trouble; choose someone who lives and provides computer repair service in your direct community. Not only will you start a new relationship with a potential neighbor, but you’ll know that if you were to call the shop, you’d speak directly to the technician handling your repair, not their “receptionist” in another location with no information.

Choosing Remote Support vs In-Person Support

Remote IT support

If you have had your computer checked for hardware problems and it was found to be in good health, remote support can be a great option for fast assistance in some situations. 

For example, if find yourself having trouble with smaller issues – like emails that won’t send, trouble with your printer,
or issues with sound and video in your Zoom meetings, remote support could be a perfect solution for your needs.

Not all remote support services are created equal, and it’s important to thoroughly vet a company before allowing them access to your system remotely. We can’t stress that enough. 

We help folks all the time who were tricked by someone pretending to be from Microsoft, Apple, or some other kind of Remote Support service. Trust me, you do not want to be in that situation. 

You can definitely get great service through some remote support services, but exercise caution. If you’re not sure that the person you’re talking to on the phone is legit, don’t give them access to your computer or any financial information.

And remember, neither Microsoft, not Apple, nor Hyperion for that matter, will ever call you and tell you that there’s an issue with your computer and that we need access remotely to fix it. Never ever. 
If someone tell you that, it is 100% without a doubt a scam. 

Alright, so why should i choose Hyperion Computerworks?

Well, there are a lot of reasons you might choose us.

Maybe you value honesty and transparency.
Maybe you like the idea of supporting a woman-owned business.
Maybe you value ethical, eco-conscious business practices, and the fact that we run on 100% renewable energy, & support local salmon habitat restoration efforts.
Maybe you like that we live in the community that we serve, and in turn actively and intentionally give our business to our friends and fellow businesses in our neighborhood.

Maybe you choose us because we’re damn good at what we do. 

We strive to offer the best possible service we can by using an easy and straightforward flat-rate structure for the majority of the work we perform. The hours involved in a complex repair shouldn’t be the reason something doesn’t get fixed before it becomes a problem. We want to get in there and fix everything we possibly can so you can get back to doing what you need to do. 

We’ll even set you up with a free loaner laptop if you need one while we perform our work so that we’re not a bottleneck for your own work responsibilities. 

We like you, but we hope we never see you in here for the same computer again! Our goal is to fix things so well, and so thoroughly, that you send your friends to us instead as your computer repair shop recommendation. (Be sure to ask us about our referral program!)

If you want reliable, thorough repairs of the highest caliber, and to know your money is staying in the local economy, then we are the folks for the job.

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