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What To Do If You Got Hacked

Got hacked? It happens all the time. Check out Hyperion's step-by-step guide on what to do next, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Laptop Computer Screen Repair

Looking to have a broken laptop screen fixed? We fix Apple and Windows laptop screens, all-in-one screens, and more!

Willamette Weekly's Best Of Portland 2021!

We are so excited and honored to have made into the Top 5 for a Best Of Portland award in the Best Local Lockdown Service category!


Data Loss, Recovery,
& Why You Need a Backup

Data loss can happen to anyone. Having a backup strategy can prevent heartache. Never pay anyone to get your own stuff back. Keep a backup.

Advice From
A Former Homeschooler

Are you having a hard time adjusting to homeschooling? You're not alone, and you're in luck! We're here to offer some insider tips.

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What's A Hyperion?

We’ve had a number of friends and clients ask what our name, Hyperion, means.
And since we always aim to please, we thought we’d give you the skinny.

How Do I Choose A Computer Repair Shop?

Choosing a computer repair shop is tough.
That's why we wrote this guide of what to look for, and what to avoid, to help you make the best decision.

The Jetsons Retro-Futurism

Smart Home Technology

Home automation is the first step to the future we were promised by everyone from Ray Bradbury to The Jetsons. (Now, where is my jetpack?)

The Laptop Project

Many people have old, used or broken laptops just laying around. Hyperion and The Laptop Project refurbishes those machines for people who are in need.

Custom Designed Computers That Fit Your Unique Lifestyle

Are you ready for a
swoon-worthy workstation?
Here’s why a custom designed computer may be the best fit for your needs, budget, & workspace.

Self Care Flat-Lay

Hyperion Maintenance Plans Are Now Available!

Hyperion now offers ongoing maintenance options — ready for anyone who would like to subscribe and save with our tech support services!

Fun Fact Friday: Recette de Fondue à tonton Gilles

Last Fun Fact Friday we shared a bit about Hyperion owner Romain. Romain is half French, half native Oregonian, and as promised, this week he's shared with us his Uncle Gilles' famous fondue recipe!